Local 488


Overhaul Media developed the Local 488 website from scratch, based on WordPress and Gutenberg. Their work load increased, so they hired me to help with the remaining bugs and features.


I started by setting up a proper development environment, with linting and formatting according to WordPress standards. I developed a custom script in Node.js based on wp-env that sets up a local server, and additionally synchronizes the local server with the live server. With those basics in place, I proceeded to fix bugs they identified in custom Gutenberg blocks, and adding features such as displaying multiple post types in the area where usually just the typical posts are displayed, which required the usage of SQL, AJAX, wpdb, jQuery and PHP.


One of the custom Gutenberg blocks was a carousel which had overflowing images. This is what it looked like:

As you can see, the images are overflowing text, going outside the boundaries. The cause of this obviously has to be some CSS. The carousel was actually developed using a jQuery-based “slick” library, so a lot of CSS was involved and it took some time to identify the cause of the bug.

After identifying the bug, the relevant SCSS needed to be modified:

After that, the problem was fixed: