Bricks is a visual site builder for WordPress similar to Gutenberg and Elementor. It is different from other builders in its dedication to performance and user driven development – there is a public idea board where users can upvote ideas, and development is prioritized based on that.

Bricks is based on Vue 3, Vuex, PHP, WordPress and WooCommerce, all of which I got to work with.

Bricks launched on March 16, 2021. I helped them out during July and August 2021.


Since launch, Bricks has seen amazing growth, and at that time there were only 2 people doing development (one of whom was the founder). They hired me to help them out with the increasing volume of feature requests, and to speed up bug fixing. I also helped with customer support (all devs do customer support).


Some people used Bricks on smaller screens, and there was no good way for them to see what their website would look like on bigger screens.

For example, suppose a user’s screen size is 1200 px wide. This is what the builder would look like for them before:

The page that they’re editing is only 600 px wide, which is the width of a small tablet. But what if they wanted to see the page at 1000 px or more? Not possible.

To resolve that problem, I implemented a scaling feature. If the user’s device is too small, the page preview will scale down to fit on their screen:

The page preview is scaled down to 60% so the user is able to see a 1000 px wide preview in the space of 600 px.